About the Project

The role of women in the political and cultural history of Serbia is still not adequately recognized or visible in public discourse. Women’s roles in Serbian history, their contributions to culture, economic and political development, as well as influence in international relations, are all largely excluded from the dominant public discourses (history, culture, politics, economy). Women are additionally largely excluded from school curricula and the national cultural legacy presented in museums. Furthermore, women are excluded from the spaces we occupy in our everyday lives: naming of streets, squares, schools, awards, institutions, and foundations.

The WomeN’S Museum is a digital collection of data in connection with the lives and works of women who have left a mark on the history of Novi Sad (photography, documentation, texts, artistic work; albums, posters; secondary literature: theoretical and critical texts). It additionally features representations of practical objects, photographs, documents, artifacts, and handiwork which illustrate the everyday lives of women of a particular time period. The museum is historically contextualized by research projects and theoretical texts.

Alongside the historical perspective, the WomeN’S Museum supports and displays contemporary art and writing by women through its Online Gallery and Reading Room. This emphasizes the main goal of the museum: the strengthening of the feminist scene in all its areas, securing a space for women in the history of art, art critique, and critical theory. The bedrock of the museum is created by the combination of this database, publishing efforts, and curated collections and libraries created through other projects of The Alliance of Feminist Organizations (Re)Connection, such as K.A.T (a multimedia platform of contemporary women’s culture, activism and theory). The museum aims to become a stepping stone for further research, education, and promotion of a variety of exhibitions dedicated to the women of the region.